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I am looking to setup up a WiFi connection between my laptop and the ATMega328P microcontroller. The microcontroller will be affixed to a mobile robotic platform that will remain within about 50 feet (15.24 m) of the laptop (outside, in a field with maybe a few trees). It will be continuously receiving a set of xy-coordinates from the laptop.

I will be using the RN-XV WiFly Module - Wire Antenna. KingBubbaTruck at SparkFun wrote a nice little tutorial for interfacing the ATMega328P operating at a 5VDC supply voltage with the aforementioned antenna module operating at a 3.3 VDC supply voltage.

I am looking for feedback from someone who has implemented this (or something very similar). Just want to see if my intended application is feasible before purchasing the hardware. Also any other suggestions/recommendations are welcome and encouraged. Thank you.


For about the same price, you could possibly use an Ethernet shield and a standard wireless router to do the job similar to the below tinkering. An IP cam can be attached to the router if vision is also needed.

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Interesting, I'll keep this option in mind. Thanks.

What I intend to do is have a USB webcam connected to my laptop, loaded with my SimpleCV Python program, which will process the image and compute the coordinates relative to the webcam, which will then be sent wirelessly to the mobile robotic platform to assist in navigation.

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