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can any one suggest a good book or learning resources for a beginner in mySQL or any other recommended database. i would like to log my data from my weather station and store it in a database where i can manipulate the data as i need. 


http://dev.mysql.com/ is a good place to start. Versions of MySQL are available for all popular operating systems, and even some unpopular ones.

Any SQL book will teach you WAY more than you want to know. Start simple. Create a database. Create a single table with an ID column (primary key, auto-increment), a temperature column and a datetime column.

Create some kind of script (PHP comes to mind) that can update the table in the database. The Arduino can then GET that script with a temperature, and the script can figure out when it happened.

I developed something very similar over the weekend. I can share the database and table construction file and the script if you want.
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Thank you Sir! Yes, I've checked out some books that are available on amazon - as you say, there is a stack of information! I certainly will check out the web site you suggested. Tonight my weather station has just achieved "wireless" status - I'm very excited! I would be grateful if you could share your database construction with me.
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