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Hi guys,

I'm new to this forum, but I've been working with Arduino for half a year now. Have to say it's a great platform... the hacking is good :) In the last months I've finished a prototype of an analog bass synthesizer. It's on separate circuit boards now, but will be intended as a shield for the Arduino. I aim to release it for ±100 euro fully assembled, and ±70 euro as a kit.

- 20Hz - 6 kHz pitch, controllable in 65536 steps (using Arduino PWM)
- sawtooth and square wave oscillator, with toggle switch
- Low-pass resonant filter with 1 potmeter for resonance, and 1 for cut-off (high quality pots, no trash! :))
- 3.5 mm headphone jack
- 8 pushbuttons to select basslines
- switches for portamendo and "echo" effect

Is anybody interested in a purchase? I hope to mass produce the shield by the end of the year. Also, if anybody would like to suggest some features, please let me know.

I have plans to add an additional drummachine onto the shield (the 808 to back-up the 303 ;)), but it might be a little too ambitious...

Thank you for your attention!


Would be nice to see a link, even a "proto-not-yet-finalized-but-it-works" link.


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OK, here's the anti-vaporware photos ;)

early prototype: the VCO, VCA and filter (cut-off only)


close-up of the VCO


strip-board version of the filter and output circuit, including resonance and cut-off potmeters




Selling them for 49 (ex VAT) now:


For several demo's using the Piggy:


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