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Any progress on getting the Adafruit motor shield working with a Due? Looking around in the forums, I keep finding comments that the I2C "Wire" library has problems. Was that ever fixed? Is there a working version of I2Cscanner for the Due?

Should I just junk the Adafruit motor shield and get something else? I need to control 2 steppers and one R/C servo. Suggestions?

I'm using IDE 1.5.6-r2, which is the latest available.


There's a claim at


that the code there works on the Due. But it can't possibly work on the V2 motor shield. The original Adafruit motor shield was driven by turning digital I/O pins on and off and directly controlling the power MOSFETs. The V2 shield is an I2C device and requires completely different support.


I've been trying to get my motor shields working with the Due - when I switch from the Mega to the Due with exactly the same code its not executing correctly. The strange thing is that sometimes it works (1 out of 4) for a few seconds and then it stops communicating over I2C I think. I'm looking around to see if there is anyone else who has had similar issues.

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