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I just wanted to show you my project.
It is a Laser plotter but I havn't built in the laser yet. I am missing some electronic parts which I'm going to get soon.
Nevertheless it is working and I tried it with a pen instead of the laser.


lots of pictures

Comments welcome


I like this project, it's really smart to use a Scanner as the foundation for this kind of project, you have half already built, so that makes the things easier.


Yes, the scanner part was done before I really thought about how to do it. The y-axis from the printer was much more challenging.


The laser module is now operational. I have updated my tutorial and migrated to instructables.com

Here is the link. Check it out !!



Some picture


:smiley-eek: Now it's burning, it's burning.....

Man, this project is awesome... I want one :P

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