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Hello forum.

Before I posted this question (a really basic one, I am absolutely sure), I read this:
http://arduino.cc/de/Reference/Array and http://www.arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/KnightRider

The difference from what I want to do is the initialization of the array. I want to give values to the array inside a cycle, and the example shows an array being read in a cycle. What I tried to do, just to try and put the concept to work in the simplest way possible (and I can't understand why it doesn't work), was this:

Code: [Select]

int val[1000];

void setup(){

void loop(){
 val[0] = 1;
 val[1] = 5;
 val[2] = 2;
 val[5] = 10;
 Serial.print("val0 = ");
 Serial.print("val1 = ");
 Serial.print("val2 = ");
 Serial.print("val5 = ");

The code compiles but nothing is printed. If I comment all the array related lines then I can see val0 = val1 = val2 = val5 = val0... as expected.
Is there limitation to filling arrays at different zones of the arduino code?

Thanks in advance, I hope the details are enough.


Using 2000 of your 2048 bytes of RAM (on a Uno) may not end well for you.
Suggest you trim it down.
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Trimmed it down to 500 and all went well. Thanks for the fast answer!

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