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Hi fellow 'Arduinoes' based in Hyderabad. I'm looking forward to start an Arduino User Group where we can meet and play around with Arduinos. I've a couple of guys who are also interested. If you are, lets build a team and get started. For those who want to learn Arduino, I'm willing to take free weekend sessions on Arduino (and you can play around on my kits:)). Lets 'Arduino' the summer away :D

You can email me on captanwaar@gmail.com with your ideas and suggestions.


I set about creating a new group on Google groups so that we can start communicating there and then gear towards weekly/monthly sessions/meets.

If you're based out of Hyderabad and interested in Arduino/Embedded Systems, please join the group at https://groups.google.com/d/forum/arduino-hug

You can ask any queries or also ask for Moderators assistance in case you're having difficulties with your Arduino projects. In case you need physical assistance, you can reach out to us and we'll help you debug and fix your project.

Lets meet, Cheers!!!  :)


I'm in hyderabad cam help ya n can meet 4 sure   :)


Hi Guys ...

I will join if u meet anywhere ?


We're planning to host the first meet mid June. We'll update you the venue and other details. Meanwhile, you may choose to join the above mentioned group for timely updates.

Cheers!!!  :)

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