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Hi Guys

I'm new to the forum and Arduino. Im working on a project for a media controller based on Arduino that will need to control functions on VLC media player such as play/pause/next/previous ext. Any ideas on where to start on as i am new to all of this. Does anyone have any code for this?



Does that use an IR interface, something else?
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It will be communicating via Zigbee (Xbee). I will be using 2 arduino's one that will transmit and act like the remote and the other that will receive which will be connected to a computer that runs VLC. It is similar to the video shown below but this person is not using VLC.




Does that use an IR interface, something else?

Its an Video player software that is available for OS like windows ,linux .

@ the OP

You have to have  access to the VLC API to develop an app where that app receives input from the Arduino and based on that does PLAY/PAUSE/STOP etc.
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