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Any updates on new firmware?  :)

Thanks for your hard work



Thanks Rupert.

In next days i release a new version with esr meter and inductance meter and link with Ardutester software.
Stay tuned  :D



Any updates ? i keep checking twice  a day :P




Hi  :D

I'm finishing interfacing Ardutester with the program; I'm almost done!
Meanwhile there is a new version (Version P) which also accepts non-i2c lcd and were made minor bug fixes. (Attached)

This is a preview of Ardutester software


Very elegant interface too! I'd love to either buy one of your shields, or else would at least like to make one for myself.
Any chance that you will release the Eagle/KiCad files as well? I see you've already sourced the Gerbers.


I hope you are taking time for yourself & not putting all your time & resources into this.

It's an amazing project & you have excelled in so many ways, i am hoping you do not exhaust your creativity or health.

We salute you  ;)
Amateurs built the ark, Professionals built the Titanic


I did not forget the project, only in this period are taken from work commitments.  :smiley-mr-green:
Besides, I'm opening the Fablab of my city.
This weekend there's the Italian Arduino community meeting and there will be a chance to complete the last things of Ardutester.
Thanks Again,



I'm optimizing both the circuit and the software. I'm testing Ardutester on Arduino 2009, R2 and R3 and there are inconsistencies. I have already found the problem so within a couple of days I will post the new version. (PCB, firmware and client software).



I'd like to build and buy the PCB!  Will somebody sell this in the future?


Finally the new version!
The code has been completely rewritten.

Attention! The connection diagram has changed!, See first post.

- Inductance Measurement
- BJT functions fixed,
- Minor fixes
- MOSFETs function fixed
- Show Functions revisited
- I2C LCD Deprecated
- Deep debug  8)
- Button Function revisited
- PWM Tool
- Serial Menu
- AutoAdjust
- EEProm functions

- To enter the menu Long press
- To change the menu item short press
- Long press to confirm
- To exit the PWM menu double click

- When you start for first time Ardutester save in EEPROM default values??;
- you should make an AutoAdjust then save to EEPROM.

Currently you can decide whether to enable the serial monitor as output (#define DEBUG_PRINT) or LCD (#define LCD_PRINT)

Attention! The connection diagram has changed!, See first post.
Work tested on Arduino R3!


New version: 07e (Download at 1st post)


- SetDeafult function
- Some fix
- selFreq optimized
- TestKey improvements
- Client Software updated


Version 0.7f - Download at 1st post
- ReadU function revisited (By PaoloP)
- Some fix (By PaoloP & PighiXXX)

The next version will be ready in the next few days will solve the last remaining questions.

I am preparing about one hundred shields that will send free for beta testers (You will only pay shipping); The shield will mount 0.1% tolerance resistors and aluminum capacitors for maximum accuracy. Stay tuned.



Sounds great to me too. I have been looking for a compact component tester for ages that actually works as well as this does.


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