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Well i have been reading that it is possible to put a butloader into an atmega, and that it is a common practice.
I want something close to that, i would like to burn a sketch in another arduino, using another arduino.
I am not talking about cloning because, i would like to use some leds on the Master Arduino to clone some other sketch and signal me back when its ready.

I'm not sure if this has been done before, i couldnt find an article about it but perhaps i missed something during my internet search


This sounds doable but I don't know where to point you to. WestFW is the expert in bootloader and has written optiloader to bootload Atmega chips from an arduino. He should know where to start regarding putting a whole program on an atmega. Please, don't PM him though. I wouldn't answer questions via PM myself :)
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i would like to burn a sketch in another arduino, using another arduino.

The 'Arduino as ISP' sketch enables one Arduino to program another via its ICSP header. In the normal case, the Arduino that is acting as the programmer would receive the program from the PC via the USB interface. If you wanted to obtain the program from a different source, you'd need to modify it to achieve that. I seem to remember that Nick Gammon published a sketch that took the program from an attached SD card, and other people have received it over a network interface.

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