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Yes that glcd module should work with the glcd library
as long as the actual glcd module matches
what is in the datasheet that was linked to on their page.

Do you have the glcd already?

You can download the datasheet (its a single page) from the vendor's page.
This will give you the pinout and and pin orientation.

When looking for a glcd module for use with the "glcd" library the key
thing to look for is "ks0108".
A ks0108 based glcd  module will have 20 pins
VCC, GND, VO, D0 through D7, EN, CS1, CS2, RESET, R/W, DI or RS, Vee, A (backlight +), K (backlight gnd)

The order of the pins varies between boards that's why having a datasheet,
or even better a module with labeled pins, is needed.
When looking at pinouts be careful. At first glance a ST7920
will look very similar to a ks0108 board. They work very differently
and the "glcd" library does not support the ST7920 module.
The quick way to tell the difference is that a ST7920 will not have CS1 and CS2 pins
and instead will have one called PSB and one "NC" or not connected.

--- bill



As Bill has said, that should be fine.  Looking at it it looks identical to a batch I bought about 6 months ago and they worked perfectly as "2" on the table.

So looking at their data sheet:

we can check off each pin and.....

1 GND - Yes
2 VCC - Yes
3 VO for backlight - Yes
4 DI - Yes
5 RW - Yes
6 EN - Yes
7-14 D0-D7 - Yes
15 CS1 - Yes
16 CS2 - Yes
17 Reset - Yes
18 VEE LCD - Yes
19 LEDA - Yes
20 LEDK - Yes

So yes that confirms it as a type 2

If you have any problems give us a shout, I did a lot of work with them a while ago (I'm pondering over 7" touch screen TFTs now!)


Doc - sorry to hear about your bad experience with Sure. I have a 3208 that I have working ok just running basic text scrolling with someone else's code, but I will now be wary of any further purchases from them.

Bill - I am still waiting for the display to arrive on "the slow boat from China" , so when it arrives I'll connect it as a type 2 and see how I go. Yes, I have another ST7920 based GLCD that you previously helped me with on the GLCD library version 3 thread. I have still to try anything with that display because on the U8glib site it says

"Some graphics boards only use 3.3 volt. The digital ports of such a graphics board must not be connected directly to the Arduino Board. Use a level translation (e.g. 74HC4050) between Arduino Board and graphics display"

After I saw that I thought that I would just buy a KS0108 based display and tackle the ST7920 display further down the track.

cowasaki - glad to hear that maybe I picked the right display this time and thanks for the offer of help if needed. Good luck with the 7" touch screen TFT, they look interesting.

Thank you to you all for your advice and help, without your guidance beginners like myself would not be able to progress in this great hobby of micro controllers, Pedro.



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