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Hi people


First to say sorry about my English.

I need some help, I want to begin using Arduino, I was working with Microchip, but I need more speed and I/O Ports, so I just bougth an Arduino DUE. CortexM3 ARM based board.

The question is that I have a few Enc28j60 Modules and I wish to use it with my new Arduino due, So I was searching in the web And I can´t find any working example.

I just tried with a few examples but having problems.

Please help me, I don´t want to go back to Microchip.

A big hug from Colombia.




Many thanks,

I already was tried these one,but when I try to compile examples I have problems with AVR files, then when I try to show to the compiler, where de files are,

It shows another kind of error.

=( =(


You need to tell us what the error is.


Basically only official sketches that runs over Arduino UNO can run directly (or with few effort) on Arduino DUE, this because the Arduino core (the libraries) was migrated for the ARM CPU used in the DUE. Every other Arduino sketch won't run without a porting.

Some non-official Arduino sketches that runs UNO may run also on DUE, it depends if they are based on custom libraries or if are based only on the Arduino core, in the latter case it should run. The EtherCard library has an its own SPI driver (doesn't use the Arduino ones) and this is creating your problems.

I've never been in detail with ARM, so I don't know if there are others to be considered. As minimum you need to review all pins assignment and all direct access to register and interrupts, it should be not so hard, because the library doesn't use a lot of those.

I can try to help if you want.

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