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Thanks Dario.

You are so nice trying to explain the problem.

And exactly if I try to compile the code built in Arduino examples, it compiles well, but when I change to my Arduino DUE. it crash.

I have downloaded a lot of examples (there are many of them), but I can´t find any for the DUE.

If you want to help me, I really would appreciate it.

So, what is the next step?

Best regards.


P.D: Spanish is my language, so my apologies.


English isn't mine :)

First step is to have a look to the official SPI drivers and port your code using that drivers instead of the one included in Ethercard (or any other that you are using), then look if you have still compilation errors and move forward.

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This will probably cause problems with SPI devices connected to a Due.
The Due needs an additional parameter to continue sending additional bytes over the SPI. Otherwise, it deactivates the SPI slave select after each call to SPI.transfer().



Sorry I was working and I have not time to test your teory.

I think this weekend I will.

Thanks a lot.




Ok I can´t wait,

I go to this page, http://tecnotinker.blogspot.com/2012/07/uso-del-modulo-ethernet-enc28j60-con.html , he says it works with Arduino UNO, I try to compile it with my Arduino DUE, and again error.

The next image shows that the picture are like´s an attachment.

Thanks a lot.


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