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Hello all. I am new to this community as well as the Arduino in general. I consider myself pretty computer smart, but never got into programming. So anyway, I had a friend who has givin me a Arduino Uno board, as well as jumpers, resistors, leds, etc. I have read quite a few articles of people using the nunchuck as a mouse on their computer. I would love to do this so I can have a mouse easier to use when on couch, or in bed. I got the pinout, and from a few different tutorials, got to the point I am at now. Trying various codes, only one I found to do anything was a Wii Nunchuck demo, which when Arduino Monitor was open, it seemed to be reading all buttons, joystick, accel numbers correctly. So I guess question being, does anyone have a working code for Arduino 1.0+, and also, how do I take this serial data, and make into mouse movements? Any help is GREATLY appriciated. I look forward to learning how to use this awesome platform!


Unfortunately as far as I can tell, the only way to make a non-leonardo board act as a HID device is to reprogram the 8u2 and/or the computer. So unfortunately without a leonardo or advanced programming skills you won't be able to do it.
Check out the leonardo here!        http://arduino.cc/en/Main/arduinoBoardLeonardo


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Hmmm. I may have to look into getting that board once I learn to use this one decently. Well, that was my only idea of what to do with the board, so I will have to come up with something else! :/ I also received 10 Bare Conductive Paint pens (THESE THINGS ARE AWESOME!!!), so might try to use some of that in whatever I come up with. Would like to add a ethernet shield to be able to do internet related projects. Untill then, just guess Ill try to do some more learning! :) Thanks for the kind reply.


Is this a good way to go about using a nunchuck on the Uno?


There is a port of V-USB for the arduino. I have not tried it but it may do what you want.
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