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Hello, I would apologize if this is posted in the wrong section.

I have been scrapping old printers recently, managed to found couple of DC, stepper motors until I bump myself on this thing, an optical encoder.



Now the fun part of my previous week, was to find out more information about this product. Since it came from HP printers series, I have been trying to find the exact model. All I could find, was not I want. They were teaching you how to clean the encoder strip, doing maintenance,etc...

I basically want to know the pinout on that thing and its spec. information. That is all I wish.
On the PCB plate, I noticed there are 6 solder pin and those 6 are connected to 4 "wire". I am tempted to test it, but also, I don't want to short circuit/burn that encoder, since I lack of knowledge when it comes to electronics and component.

What method should I use to safely know the pinout? How do I know what voltage I should be putting?


I recently "dismembered" a discarded HP printer and saw exactly the same component, as well as a couple of DC motors with optical encoders at the back. I think this tutorial may point you in the right direction (some of the questions you are asking are addressed in the second half).


Please do post back if you find out more...It will be a few days at least before I have time to play around with the goodies I retrieved from my "victim".
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