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Hello everyone, this is my first project to use a micro-controller .. and frankly I don't have experience.

MY micro-controller is Mega ADK ... we were working on a project for embedded systems ... everything was working very fine .. our code works fine .. suddenly the laptop turned off .. and some part of the micro-controller component seemed to have burned .. =(

I'm not sure if this is the case or not ... but it seems that by mistake a loose  jumper that is connected to a power supply of 12 volts made a contact with one of the ICSP pins ...

Now the case the laptop works ... the micro-controller (works!) but ... the laptop does not recognize micro-controller ...

I don't know what to do .. and can it be fixed or not ? I need your help (THANKS).


Now the case the laptop works ... the micro-controller (works!) but ... the laptop does not recognize micro-controller ...

I suspect that not all of it works.
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That might depend on which ISP pin he hit... Doesn't sound like it was the main one they, in my direct experience get unusable completely before you are aware it happened. So it Mighta stopped @ the 16U and if that's the case an FTDI adapter would take the place of the 16U nicely. It does on my bare chip designs and very well at that. Seems to me that the DTR needn't originate at the 16U, it is available on the FTDI device and programs my Pro Mini's as well as the bare chips I like to experiment with.. It couldn't hurt anything to try, and the FTDI device is.. Bi- Directional. So it couldn't hurt to try one as the IDE works with that cable quite well too. If there was a bad meltdown RN4A and RN4B (1K 4 resistor single SMT part) if removed or traces cut would divorce the serial comm lines thus unloading the ports and very probable that their removal should allow the main controller to work just fine. Might also try to ID the 16U with a programmer that can read ID and fuses.. IMO as an OLD techie, long before I learned enough to be an older engineer.

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