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so ive ben searching for a library for an 2 pin temp censor the censor is like an variable resistor that reakts on temp so if some one could  help it would be nice:)


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A thermistor? I don't think you need a library for that :)



You don't need a library, you simply need to put the device in a voltage division circuit and use analogRead().


but i still do need the values for what the resistens is at what temp


I never tried thermistors but from what I've read, they aren't accurate, even 2 thermistors of the same model, could show different values at the same temperature. So you have to make your own lookup table by using a thermometer (or 2, to be more accurate) and measure the resistance at different temperatures. You could use a sensor such as the DHT22 (they are accurate, I have 2 of them and they show the same temp.) to automatically build a lookup table :)


Hey i would use a tmp36 or LM35 temperature sensor instead. They barely cst 1$ and give reliable temperature readings.
you also dont need a library for them since all you have to do is times the voltage by 100 (for the LM35, but you can find datasheets all over the internet anyway)
lots easier than thermistors ;)


PS: careful not to connect these the wrong way around or they become scorching hot (personal experience)


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but i still do need the values for what the resistens is at what temp

You are referring to a lookup table. You don't need a library.

Check here anyway


It shows what the lookup is about.

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