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I have a Mindstorms NXT set, I have cut and the exposed the wires from on of the cables so that can now plug them in to a breadboard.  I know there are other forum posts about the possibility of using the NXT sensors with the arduino, but none I could find about actually using the sound sensor for input. I was wondering what kind of output the sound sensor from the Mindstorms set uses (i.e. analog/i2c/etc.) and exactly which wires need to go where (5v/GND/3v/etc.).


as far as i know of the arduino uno doesn't handle audio too well. i think it has to do with sensitivity. best you can get is an "impact" reading. you can't capture the sound, but you should be able to pick up the vibration of the air, just not in audible resolution.

however if someone else found a way around this please by all means correct me, as im curious how to pull it off too.


It is possible. This could  help…


Best of luck

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