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Image embedded for our convenience:

Technique described here.  You could probably select, copy and paste that text into a [code] section [/code], instead of taking a screen shot.  :-/

PowerGPS... shows me 8 Decimals places (like the one I need), How is that coming?
It lies.  It probably prints the numbers like this:

    Serial.print( latitude, 8 );

This requests 8 decimals (up to 11 significant digits of precision).  But only 10 of the digits are significant (i.e., 7 decimals are accurate).  The GPS device is only providing 7, at best.  (This depends on the fix quality, but that's another subject).  The extra digits are meaningless; they are the precise remainder of converting a base-2 representation to base-10 digits for display.

Another way to look at it: 8 decimal places is an accuracy of 1mm.  Your GPS device cannot do that.

I updated and called printL in both latitude and longitude in my original code, But it's creating file for every 1 second and not logging in any data in it.
As you can see, there isn't anything in printL that would close and reopen the file.  You must have changed something else.

That actually looks like the Arduino is resetting.  Are you low on RAM?  Or maybe you're running off the end of an array.  For example, the filename array is not big enough for that filename.  It has to be at least 24 characters.  (Don't forget that you need space for the NUL character at the end of a C string like filename.)



Hello /Dev

Thank you very much for full support in NeoGps library
For example, the filename array is not big enough for that filename.  It has to be at least 24 characters.
Well, That works :) :)

Thank you very much :)

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