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Another solution for the LCD might be a ST7920-based 128x64 graphic LCD, which needs only 2 pins to drive it.

I'm resurrecting an old thread....  What's the correct wiring for the ST9720 based displays in serial mode?  What pins do I have to connect?


A quick Google search turned up http://parenthetic.blogspot.com/2011/12/hello-world-in-arduino-with-st7920-lcd.html

In this case (only using Clock and MOSI) you can use shiftOut() in place of the SPI hardware.
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Thanks.  I saw that earlier but I missed the part in the source where he has the pins.

Is there a library that can use these? glcd?  dfrobot has an arduino library for serial, but I guess I'm looking for something more "official" - and also better documented.



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