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I stumbled upon this: http://casperelectronics.com/finished-pieces/speak-n-spell/touchandspell/
And was wondering how that touch panel made from conductive material works?
How can this be implemented in Arduino? I am more interested in the pitch control, if you connect it directly to an Arduino pin would you be able to do an analogRead and that's all?
Great webpage by the way.


Pic's, such as the PicAxe have built in touch panel support. I don't think the Arduino chips do. You can use this IC:

Sparkfun also sells some breakout boards.


mmm.... maybe something like this?: http://playground.arduino.cc//Main/CapacitiveSensor?from=Main.CapSense
but on this example you need 2 pins and I can see that that Touch&Spell has only one for the pitch control

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