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Mr. Benedikt asked:

when is the dmx tut finished?
does the dmx code work tight?
what means "Therefore the program will stop the interrupts when sending data"?

We are working on it, we just released a first prototype because the Italian guys are needing some DMX for a project.

The program we show there works, Tomek Ness is preparing an example controlling a lamp and some colour filters from an arduino with an LCD and two buttons ;-) It is a matter of a week more or less.

We have to unable interrupts from the microprocessor. Interrupts are a resource in a microprocessor that will stop the program to perform a certain task. E.g. a timer is using interrupts to announce the timeout, so when running a timer if we are sending DMX lines, we will not be able of being accurate counting times.



Hi ! David , sorry about my nescience.
Dose DMX means "Digital Music Express" ?
Dose it mean that arduino could be a midi board?



DMX stands for Digital MultipleXed
, as stated at: http://www.theater-technisch-lab.nl/dmxen.htm

in a sense it should be possible to make MIDI transmission also, since MIDI and DMX are kind of similar. Looking at the website: http://www.xs4all.nl/~marcmarc/ele/sm/midicent.htm it looks as if it was possible to use more or less the very same code we wrote for DMX but changing the timing to a less restictive setting.


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