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Hi all, i am new to arduino and programmining but eager to learn. is there a program which can generate code? I have went through all the basics such as led, lcd and so on but there seems to be no platform to take me to the next level of programming so i can combine and generate sketches.

Has anyone got any sites or know of any books which take me from beginners to the next level?



In my view, the best way to learn fast is to read a lot of other people's code.  You won't necessarily understand it all, at first, but that's good, and easily fixed with google.

You can find a lot of code here on the forum and playground, and don't overlook GitHub where some of the bigger projects live.

Just my two cents.  Good luck with your learning process.



Thanks for the reply bilroy, it is taking some getting use to. code just looks like a mine field for at the moment but I am really interested in it.




code just looks like a mine field for at the moment

I'm sure it does, and this is exactly the point.  Part of the learning is training your eyes to spot the patterns in the code.  (Which is why reading poorly formatted code is painful to an experienced coder with code-friendly eyes.)

Find a good tough piece of code and read it every day for a few days and you'll understand much more of it.  Dig in on the parts you don't get and they will yield to effort.  (And if you have a specific question you can always ask it here - the forum is optimized for that.)





I'm in the same situation as you, on my IPad i downloaded some apps that are helpful,
give it a try with "Arduino Quick Reference" or "Processing for Dummies"


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