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does anybody got a display using an UC1601 (COG - chip on glass) Controller to work with any existing (or newly created) library to work?

I would like to use
that one.

I think this is interesting in general because the controller supports all common interfaces (parallel, SPI 8/9Bit and i2c).

Thanks for any hints you can give me :)


I2C is easy but not very fast.
SPI is faster, but uses more pins.
Parallel is the fastest, and uses even more pins.

If your Arduino runs at 5V and the display is 3.3V, you could have a problem. I2C is the easiest to adapt between the different voltages.


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I2C is easy but not very fast.
SPI is faster, but uses more pins.
Parallel is the fastest, and uses even more pins.

And if the COG controller is as slow as the Hitachi LCD controller then in many applications it probably doesn't make much difference which you use.



I am aware of the speed differences but there won't be anything that changes fast.
I am also aware of the "problem" using a 5V MCU and a 3.3V display controller (but hey - what are level shifters made for? ;)  )


I managed it to get that display to work.
Basically it is compatible to the ST7675 controller.

I used the Adafruid ST7565 for SPI library and modified it.

I am not sure if I am allowed to post a modified Adafruit Library so here is what you need to change:

- remove the sending of CMD_SET_ALLPTS_NORMAL ( Byte 0x0a4 ) in the method " begin()"
- same for "reset" if there will be such a method in the future.

I will try to get u8glib to work with this type of controller, too, and send it to the developer of u8glib so he can implement it in the next release.


The main file is for example GNU Lesser General Public License
So you allowed to make a 'fork' or to modify it.
As long as you keep that license and mention the origin (Adafruit).

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