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I'm a french student ,I have a project that will be noted for my tank. But I do not go ..
I bought a map R3 and Arduino shield gprs SeeedStudio (SIM900 V1.2), I plugged it like on their wiki: http://www.seeedstudio.com/wiki/GPRS_Shield_V1.0.
The ultimate goal is to control a servo motor thanks to sending a sms.
I use the arduino software 1.0, I'' ve installed the gogprs library. The examples of the style: Getimei, isReady work but not those related to network usage. The green green LED flashes every 800ms, which signifit that the card can not find the network ..
Is a power problem? Should I put a battery (cr1220 3V) which is under the SIM900 card? and then connect the Arduino board to the area with 5 or 9 V? or is it a problem of program? or configuration?
I'm lost I do not know what to do, and the date of examenarrive quickly ..
Please help me ..
thank you.


Kentuch, have you succeded to solve the problem?
I have the same problem, googling around for days but no progress.
Plz inform us, if you found the solution!

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