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As you can see in the following example: I got the raw values of X,Y and Z axis as shown below.

accel x,y,z: 184, -484, 14992
temperature: 29.635 degrees Celsius
gyro x,y,z : 367, 220, -812,

I'm new to arduino and this sensor, Please write in detail about how to implement the raw values which i receive for x,y and z to find the Velocity.

Coding Badly

Coding Badly

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The velocity ?
Like a spedometer in a car ?

You can use the sensor to calculate the velocity, but it won't be accurate.
Have your read a few articles about it ? Search for : velocity accelerometer


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accel x,y,z: 184, -484, 14992
Before you go any further, you need to verify that gravity is working properly where you are.
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