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hi ,these days I can't visit this site. it seems something is wrong ???  I don't kown why . Thank you very much.

These days we have a exam ,as soon as it finishs we'll begin to try.   At that time ,  maybe we'll meet some trouble ,hope to get help from you .

the thing about my student  status , our teacher agree
to help us , I can Email you a copy of my  "student  status"  or  our teacher will send you a email with "@xmu.edu.cn" ? which one we should do?    and what's the email address?


There were some problems with the BerliOS server. As a matter of fact we were quite unhappy with it, because we depend very much on the web for disseminating our project.

Anyway, we are back online, and our project keeps on growing.


PS. I sent and email to your email account. Tell your teacher to answer to that specific address


Hi ,My teacher send the email to you ,do you get it?


Oh, yes,

let's close the issues regarding the boards over email. Send me an email with the amount of boards you need and I will talk to the manufacturer about the academic discount.




you should check out the following website:




hello Can

The manufacturer is using a courier service run by the italian post office. They are now adding UPS to the list.
Unfortunately some countries have strange tarifs.

If you email them and ask them for alternative options they will help you.

I would advise against using the regular italian post service because even if they have come a LONG way from the old days they still aren't 100% reliable.




it should be very quick... 3 days is strange...maybe the email got caught in some spam filter

try also g [dot] martino [at] smartprojects [dot] it

please in the future don't write full email addresses on the forum.. they get harvested by spammers :((


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