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Hi everybody

I need help urgently, I'm working on a college project now, where I wanted to make arduino to play video (or animation) on the floor via projector. The problem is, my tutor told me I cant use computer!!! I mean I was thinking to connect arduino to laptop, and laptop to projector. Is there any solution how I can play animation straight from arduino, with out computer?

I just started playing with arduino last week, so I dont know all possibilities of it.


Please help me


Your best hope is probably some random horizontal coloured lines via VGA.
Have a search here on the forum about video and VGA.
Per Arduino ad Astra


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Hi - this is just a quick note on the above links:

The correct link for the TellyMate at the SparkFun shop is:

You could always try turning a spare Arduino into a TellyMate, to see if it's suitable. For examples of the TellyMate in use, see the TellyMate Examples page

@olesya - where are you based? Are you in the UK?

[edit: corrected the corrected link!  :-[]


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Are you refer to this Interactive Floor Projection System


Arduino can only control the interactive part, the video have to come form DVD player or some sort. ;)



So what was the end result ?
Have you use the picaso with the Arduino ?



Thread's kinda old, but I was thinking an interesting thing to do would be to get one of those "tracing" projectors they sell at craft stores (you put it over a piece of paper, like a line drawing, and it projects the image via reflection onto a wall or other surface to trace it out):


I sometimes see these at thrift stores selling for $5.00. Anyhow...

Leave it unpowered, and place in the focal plane a quad array of 8x8 RGB LED matrices, and set it up in a darkened room...


I will not respond to Arduino help PM's from random forum users; if you have such a question, start a new topic thread.

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