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now then, i'm a Mac fiend, and for the past 6 years i've been using a 600mhz G3 imac with 256ram. its a good little work horse and handles my video production just fine, even if rendering takes forever.....

anyway, i need a new computer, and just cant afford a decent mac, so i'm thinking of getting a Dell laptop and running Mac OSx86 on it, but does any one know if the arduino software will be supported?

many thanks,



The Arduino software is itself written in Java, and so should work on any platform which supports it (which should include Mac OS X on whatever chip).  To compile your sketches, however, it uses avr-gcc and to upload them it uses uisp, two open source tools written in C.  I would imagine that they will support Mac OS X on the x86 (as they seem to support a wide variety of platforms), but I don't know for sure.  In any case, it may take some extra tweaking to get everything working.



it would be really great to see Arduino running on a PC-hacked-with-MAC machine. Are you going to try it out?



cheers mellis! i reconded it would be fine since its java based, but i thought i'd double check!

i wont be getting my new laptop for a month or two yet david, but i will be installing os x86 on an old pc to see what software issues i get with the rest of my programs, so i'll try installing arduino and see if it works, even if i can just get the ide up and running for the time being i'd be happy.

i'll report back if/when i get anywhere with it. though i may need some help with this, so get yer thinking hats on.... ;)



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