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I was wondering (hoping) that someone might help me with using RGB's in a lighting sequence.  Because right now I have nothing to go,  I have been searching the internet for the last 18 hrs straight, and I can-not find anything to benefit me.  I've finished 3 books and the 4th is coming so please don't think I'm lazy.  And there are sketches that I see will work, but the sketches are long and in all honesty above my head right now.  So if anybody can give me a head start that would be great.  My goal was to make a 8*8 matrix (witch I'll put off for later). I have a Arduino R3 and 5 HC74595 on breakouts from SparkFun, and the RGB's are common cathode.  I don't care what the sketch does, just as long as I understand it, and you use more than 1 shifter.

Thank ya'll very much and if you have time I would appreciate anything you had to offer.



On my site (link below in my signature) I have some sketches that drive seven segment displays using the 595 shifter.
Arduino libraries http://arduinocode.codeplex.com
Parola hardware & library http://parola.codeplex.com


I do not think you can "search the net for 18 hours and find nothing". Oh, maybe, if you looked for a program that does excatly what you want to do, or a large complex program written with so many comments as if it is a tutorial/selflearning book.

Anyhow, when a problem is "too large" to find a solution, you must reduce it to smaller probelm, solve that, and then use that as a building block for the more complicated one. Here is a suggested progression list

ANY breadboard / Arduino code combination that controls one RGB  (On/Off on the 7 possible colours)?

Does it need to have contous colour spectrum, ie you need to "PWM" it. Again - do that with one RGB.

Control one RGB (or two) through one shift register, but only with 7 full On/Off colors. Extend this to two shift registers, controlling one (or two) RGB LED on each.

Note that if you need "PWM" this gets tricky to pass through the shift register, like - not possible. (You can use the OE line to blink all in unison, ie all LEDS have the same brightness) I think you need to manually toggle the LEDs On Off. So the challenge here is to change the LED pattern very quickly so it seems that a LED is half-on (or 10% or whatever)

And ... when you've done all above then you're an expert RGB/595 programmer ! :)


Yes I understand about starting off from scratch, and for 99.99 percent of people that would work, but i'm not grasping it.  I could wire the space shuttle but when it comes to the c language this is foreign  to me.   Sorry for being complicated and i'll leave this up 3 more days and if no activity all I will close out.  But once again if anybody else haves any sketches for multiple RGB with the bear necessities i would be grateful.

Books so for are, SIK (came in project kit)
Programming Arduino "getting started with sketches.
Electronic Sensor Circuits & Projects.
will also have one coming through UPS monday.


I could wire the space shuttle but when it comes to the c language this is foreign  to me.

Maybe your first task should be to forget the LED matrix and learn a bit of C.

Arduinos (and all other microcontrollers) are useless without programming. Programming takes study, there's no way around that.

No, I don't answer questions sent in private messages (but I do accept thank-you notes...)

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