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The native port isn't the problem. I can't upload a sketch via the programming port.

Oh, okay. That's weird then.
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I've been having the same problem but very inconsistently.  When I go look in device manager, the COM port shows up.  However, in the drop down menu of the IDE, there is no option to select either of the Due ports and the IDE reports the error you described.  I've found I have to unplug it, let it sit, and then after a while plug it back in and try again.  I've also found it to function more reliably on the rear USB ports of my computer than the front USB.  Very frustrating when it happens but at least eventually it does come back.


I uploaded a sketch which some Serial.println(); commands via the native usb port. Then I connected a RS232 Module to the TX0 and RX0 pin and connected it with Putty (terminal programm), but I didn't received any data. After that I used the Serial3.println(); command and connected the module to the TX3 and RX3 pins and then I received the sent data. I think that I had destroyed my arduino  =(

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