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Hi All,

I love tinkering with my Arduino bits and pieces. Now is the time to move towards producing my first PCB. I want to produce a small PCB (all through hole) where a sensor (eg PIR) can drive an output device (eg motor, siren etc) via a N-channel MOSFET without using a microcontroller at all. I have this design succesfully running on a breadboard at present and it has worked well for the last month. Could someone help me convert my hand drawing (attached - I think it's correct, but please check it!!) into a PCB design (as small as possible) using either Eagle or Fritzing? I intend the final product to be used in several scenarios. One to simply detect birds (damaging my garden) and firing off a siren.  The PIR I have been using is this one (http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Mini-IR-Pyroelectric-Infrared-PIR-Motion-Human-Sensor-Detector-Module-/400480258658?pt=AU_Home_Personal_Security&hash=item5d3e7bca62), and it mounts perfectly in a 12mm aluminium tube and is completely waterproof.

I am more than happy to transfer something via PayPal for your effort, or perhaps you would just like some boards. Let me know, and thanks for reading this post.


5mm centres, 3 pins centres 0,5 & 10mm


no specific size, but I will need to fit it in a suitable enclosure to protect from the weather etc. If it takes 10% of the time to get to 90% efficient design, I'm not greatly interested in someone spending 90% extra time to gain the remaining 10% :-)


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Thanks Crossroads,

I've just sent the money we agreed on via PayPal. I really appreciate the headstart. I've downloaded and installed the freeware version of Eagle and look forward to receiving the files via email.


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