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is there a simple way to measure frequencies between 1 MHz and 30 MHz? I'm thinking of modifying my manual antenna tuner to an automatic one.

The resolution doesn't need to be very high, a resolution of 100 or even 500 kHz should be ok.
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Arduino with 16 MHz clock can't measure above 8 MHz, so you would need divider by 4,


Thanks for the info, will have a look into that.

Of course a devider is not really a problem.
Current arduino project: just testing and learning ;-)


I have used a SN74LV8154 before to measure frequencies in that range (its a dual 16-bit high
speed counter that can be configured as a single 32-bit counter).  However its output is byte-wide
so a lot of pins are needed to read its output (or a parallel->serial shift register).  Its good to 40MHz
with logic level input.
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Has anyone looked into porting the frequency counter library to the Due?

What would its top end be with its 32 bit timers and 84Mhz clock?

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