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in my current project I have follwing problem.

I want to transmit a string argument to a function from my main loop.
The project contains at the moment about 2500 codeline and i have only 358 bytes free memory ( freeMemory () )

When I did the coding like the code here,the arduino will restart ( again and again ) after loading the new sketch. I think I must have a memory problem maybe with useing the mySoftSerial.print ( in my case Scada.print) function, because I think it is good to use a pointer to my char array ( string )
Or what are you thinking where the bug is located ??

The SendToScada("...") function is called some times in my code

Code: [Select]

void loop()
   //do some other work here
   sendToScada("this text should be send to a scada system");

void sendToScada(char* sMessageToSend)
  Scada.print("V"); // Messageheader
  for(int i=0;i<strlen(sMessageToSend);i++)
  XBee.listen(); //set to other serial active


Have a look at this page http://playground.arduino.cc/Learning/Memory
As you will see it is possible to store strings in flash memory to save program space.
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