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I am using other arduino based board (waspmote) but I guess this is not important for my target right now.

I want to modify arduino ide to make it able just for compiling a program. I mean, I want to delete upload button and some others too (like serial port, etc)

Also, I want to compile just pde. I have some libraries developed (also downloaded from internet or libraries from arduino) and I don't want to be able to modify them.

With this, I mean I want to have them already compiled, it is no need to recompile anytime and I don't want that anybody see the code. So I would just to write my sketch in arduino ide and be able to compile it to see if there are any compiling mistake, anything else.

I found there is a file called Compiling.java in Source code but I don't know which part I should delete to be able to have my files compiled or where to specify the directory of my libraries...


Well... I have discovered that with new arduino ide I can compile just one time, and if I don't change libraries, I can delete them... It keeps compiled version. Where does it get saved? Can I cut the arduino folder and take it away?

Which java file has the buttons? I am interested in delete some of them...


I´m sorry because maybe it's a little late, but I'have just read this post.

To modify the buttons' icons you have to change buttons.gif file founding this file in "Arduino-master\build\shared\lib\theme" in the source code. The java file is EditorToolbar.java:
in this place you change the text when you rollover the icons in the same order than where placed each button (lines 39-47)

Code: [Select]

/** Rollover titles for each button. */
  static final String title[] = {
    _("Verify"), _("Upload"), _("New"), _("Open"), _("Save"), _("Serial Monitor")

  /** Titles for each button when the shift key is pressed. */
  static final String titleShift[] = {
    _("Verify"), _("Upload Using Programmer"), _("New Editor Window"), _("Open in Another Window"), _("Save"), _("Serial Monitor")

You also have to eliminate the unused buttons from the list of buttons (lines 60-71)

Code: [Select]
static final int RUN      = 0;
  static final int EXPORT   = 1;

  static final int NEW      = 2;
  static final int OPEN     = 3;
  static final int SAVE     = 4;

  static final int SERIAL   = 5;

  static final int INACTIVE = 0;
  static final int ROLLOVER = 1;
  static final int ACTIVE   = 2;

modify the buttons vector where are placed the buttons which are going to be loaded from buttons.gif (lines 102-112)
Code: [Select]

    buttonCount = 0;
    which = new int[BUTTON_COUNT];

    //which[buttonCount++] = NOTHING;
    which[buttonCount++] = RUN;
    which[buttonCount++] = EXPORT;
    which[buttonCount++] = NEW;
    which[buttonCount++] = OPEN;
    which[buttonCount++] = SAVE;
    which[buttonCount++] = SERIAL;

And the function of each button it's defined in Editor.java... around line 1900 I think.

And this it's all, I think.

I'm trying to modify IDE too, trying to add some debugging options but I can't build it from eclipse... if you can see my post http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=165461.0 I'll be very glad.


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