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I have absolutely no experience with opamps.  Ive read all I can handle trying to figure out how to wire this opamp to an arduino.  I want to have an electret Mic run an led.  Can someone please give me tutorial (for dummies) on how to wire this?  Im hoping to power the opamp with the arduino and then feed the amplified analog signal back into arduino - read the signal,  then write some code to trigger an LED.


heres the opamp

 Argg... please help.




So did you spot this on the digikey page you linked:-
Voltage - Supply, Single/Dual (±)      7 V ~ 36 V, ±3.5 V ~ 18 V

That means you can't run it off the same voltage as an arduino. It has to be a minimum of 7V, this means the output can go up to 7V so you have to take precautions to prevent the arduino input from receiving more than its supply.

Given your application this is the sort of thing you need:-


Best to go for a low-voltage opamp like LM358N which can run down to 3V single supply-rail.  Most standard opamps are designed for split rails at +/-15V,  The LM358 claims to work with inputs down to 0V too, which might simplify things.
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Great thanks ill try the LM358.  Can anyone draw me a picture of how to wire it.  Remember Im a complete noob.  So ill be going from the 5v output from the arduino to the opamp.  Thanks a bunch ;D

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