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Hi we are a group of people working on arduino and kinect (in Delhi). How many hobbyist or professionals are there in Delhi/NCR. Lets meet and share each other work and have a community to help each other. Any kind of suggestions are welcome.


hi i am just starting to learn about arduino .just brought the starters kit will get it in my hand on 25july.i am in NCR :D :D


Hi, software professional and zero knowledge of electronics.

Curiosity leads me to build something with arduino.

Soon buying one starter kit :)


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There's a hackerspace in Bangalore specially eyeing arduino folks.

contact me for any professional development with budget, located in DelhiNCR region.
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Hi I am interested in posting to a group from delhi


If You wanna Join Arduino Fanboys Whatsapp Group Indian only....THEN whatsapp me 9726205125

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