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I use explorer 9 at work and at home, and have many problems with the arduino site just serving up completely blank pages. This only seems to happen if "?token={xyz}" is on the URLs. But this has meant that the playground, labs and lately some of the forum has been unreachable.

Is there anything I can do my end with IE to actually see these pages. Don't bother saying use a different browser because corporate policies mean I need to.

Thank you


Site should be 95% operational.  If your experiencing a lot of bugs still, clean the cache and cookies.


Tom Carpenter

I'm having the exact same problem whenever I try and access the forum using Internet Explorer 9.

Basically if I am not logged in, the forum loads fine and I can view posts.

As soon as I log in, the url changes from:
or something like that and all I can see is a blank page. No matter how many times I try and clear the cache or cookies, I get the same results.
Firefox works, just not IE.

(p.s. it would be nice if there was an obvious 'if the forum doesn't work for you send xyz an e-mail')


Something related to Internet Explorer is definitely broken. I am using IE10 on Win 7 x64, and since a few days ago I have the same problem as Tom Caprenter described above - I can browse forums fine anonimously, but if I log in - then I get only a blank page. Two computers at home exhibit exactly the same behavior, and I am not aware of any other web site or forum with this problem.

I have installed Chrome to post this message and to reply to folks who have responded to my questions. Chrome accesses the Forum fine so far, but I'd go back to IE if I could.


I have done the same with the same issues -  I've given up on IE9 and am using Chrome for now.
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Tom Carpenter

May 24, 2013, 07:36 pm Last Edit: May 25, 2013, 12:06 am by Tom Carpenter Reason: 1
IE seems to be working again :D.

Never mind, its stopped working again  :~


IE seems to be working again smiley-grin.

Never mind, its stopped working again

Have you tried rebooting? Have you tried reinstalling IE? Have you tried reinstalling the OS? Just asking the standard (i.e. stupid) Microsoft questions... 8)
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I haven't used IE since the AOL days.  Firefox and Opera all the way.


There is definitely a site bug. I'm running W8/64 with IE10. Anonymous browsing is fine but as soon as I log in Forum and Playground is broken. I get only a blank page. I'm posting this wit FF but I really prefer IE for speed and security reasons!

Tom Carpenter

Jun 29, 2013, 07:21 pm Last Edit: Jun 29, 2013, 07:24 pm by Tom Carpenter Reason: 1
Well, I installed IE10 and the forum worked fine again.
But then I went to the arduino home page, and now the forum no longer works.

If I log out, I can visit the forum, but as soon as I log in again, boom, it all stops working.

Clearing cache and cookies for arduino.cc makes the forum work again, even when logged in. But visit the home page and once again the forum breaks.

6 weeks on, nobody has bothered to even look into this, or even say anything HELPFUL on the subject.

Coding Badly

Thank you for the additional information.

6 weeks on, nobody has bothered to even look into this...

Your crystal ball is on the fritz.


Sep 09, 2013, 04:23 pm Last Edit: Sep 09, 2013, 04:25 pm by arduino_cdp Reason: 1
There still seems to be the same issue.
Win7 Prof, 64Bit, IE10
Arduino Forum shows blank page after login!


It could be some bug with the IE I have seen similar issues on IE clearing cache and cookies helped.


Figured I'd bump this topic...

  • Win 7 (x64)

  • IE 10.0.9200.16721 - works if anonymously viewing forum, but not if attempting to log in. If you log in, it shows a blank browser. Reload shows a screen saying you're already logged in. When re-navigating to the forum, only a blank browser shows. Clearing cache, etc, doesn't resolve issue.

  • Tried another computer using IE v10, didn't resolve issue.

  • Installed and tried Mozilla Firefox v25.0, didn't resolve issue; even though I see people say they used it. Oddly, when not logged in, it doesn't display the form correctly anyway and shows only text with no formatting, etc.

  • Installed and tried Google Chrome v30.0.1599.101 m, and it worked after install (as everyone mentioned).

Perhaps if I get some time I'll debug it later; but figured it was worth posting a little more info that I found.



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