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Anybody have a wiring schematic for this chip/layout?  I'm using a interface board from Futurlec which isn't set up for Arduino pins.  I'm guessing we're using the SPI interface and hooking up power, but I'm pretty sure there are interrupt pins/etc as well.

I've also seen a single board layout where the ENC28J60 clock is used to run the Arduino, that's not what I'm trying to do but it certainly adds to the wiring confusion.

I've seen the sites linked in this thread and others but nobody has the wiring laid out that I've seen, can anybody point me in the right direction or help me out?

I have this device, and it does work.  You simply wire up +5(set the jumper to 5v), gnd, sclk, miso, mosi, and cs.   I cannot recall if the miso, mosi and sclk are level shifted from 5 to 3.3v but thay may also be ncessary, checkthe datasheet.

An interrupt out is available from the eth board, just connect to a pin if you use it(I have not yet).

Then use the alternate Ethernet Library for this hw, ENC28J60.

The alternate Eth Library desperately needs work to enable the tx/rx buffers so that >1 packet can be sent/recvd.  Sadly using a $19 wiznet seems to be the cheaper, easier route.


Does anybody know of open source PCB layouts (EAGLE, preferably) for ENC28J60/AtmegaXX8 boards?  I was thinking of doing some experiments with bare ethernet, and I'd rather start with a proven design.  The closest I've found is the "Business card web server": http://hackaday.com/2008/09/25/web-server-on-a-business-card-part-2/#more-5
(but it's PIC24 based.)


You could start with this schematic, it's not in eagle but you could easily to do the board layout from the schematic.  I wouldn't worry about high speed design/etc because you don't have anything fast enough on that board to need to be concerned.  

That should be a good enough starting point if you're familiar with board design.

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