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The example sketches in the IDE are for the official ethernet shield with the Wiznet 5100 chipset. They will not work with the cheaper ENC28J60 based boards.  This is probably as good a place as any for the ENC28J60



If it helps, I have a shield with that chip and it works fine with the web server examples in the download from here: http://www.nuelectronics.com/estore/?p=12


Thank you, those libraries worked.

by wow is that code a mess.  It's going to be a feat to get that to do anything other than what the examples show.


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You could have a search on this board for ENC28J60 as an alternative library has been developed for this shield. Plus it supports routing to the internet via an intermediate gateway. Its available from my blog at http://blog.thiseldo.co.uk/?p=329.

It includes examples for basic web server and client functions including posting to twitter and pachube. I have used it in a number of my own projects including 2 that have been running for months now monitoring environment conditions in my house, sending the results to pachube as well as regular twitter updates.

The latest project using this is for a simple web control of Home Easy sockets so I can turn lights on and off from anywhere I can connect to the internet.

The updated library has been used successfully be a number of people already. Its not perfect but hides a lot of the tcp/ip stuff unlike the original library.

Hope this helps



Thank you for that second library.  I will def. check it out when I get home.

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