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So will this shield not work with the example ethernet sketches(unmodified)?  I read something about doing your own TCP/IP stack.  
Can anyone lend a little guidance.

Maybe I should have payed a little more and got a WIZNet model.  

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So will this not work will just the example ethernet sketches(unmodified)?

Sorry what are you asking? Those words make no sense.  :-?


Sorry, edited my first post.  I should have proof read.


can't get u can u make it clear


I thought my post was fairly straight forward but I will try again.

I recently purchased an Ethernet Shield that uses the ENC28J60 chip.  I tried using the WebServer Example sketch.  I edited the IP to fit my subnet.  But the problem is my router doesn't seem to recognize it(it's not in the list of connected clients).  I can't ping it and I can't connect to it with a web browser.

I  have read some thing about the ENC28J60 chip and needing to do your own TCP/IP stack.  So does that mean the example sketches will not work with this chip?  Do I have a faulty chip?  Whats wrong?


The example sketches in the IDE are for the official ethernet shield with the Wiznet 5100 chipset. They will not work with the cheaper ENC28J60 based boards.  This is probably as good a place as any for the ENC28J60



If it helps, I have a shield with that chip and it works fine with the web server examples in the download from here: http://www.nuelectronics.com/estore/?p=12


Thank you, those libraries worked.

by wow is that code a mess.  It's going to be a feat to get that to do anything other than what the examples show.


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You could have a search on this board for ENC28J60 as an alternative library has been developed for this shield. Plus it supports routing to the internet via an intermediate gateway. Its available from my blog at http://blog.thiseldo.co.uk/?p=329.

It includes examples for basic web server and client functions including posting to twitter and pachube. I have used it in a number of my own projects including 2 that have been running for months now monitoring environment conditions in my house, sending the results to pachube as well as regular twitter updates.

The latest project using this is for a simple web control of Home Easy sockets so I can turn lights on and off from anywhere I can connect to the internet.

The updated library has been used successfully be a number of people already. Its not perfect but hides a lot of the tcp/ip stuff unlike the original library.

Hope this helps



Thank you for that second library.  I will def. check it out when I get home.



I've send you a PM (a month ago) and wrote a comment at your website. Please can you reply me?

Thanks in advance!!

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[size=14]A HowTo get a etherShield to work:[/size]
This is how I got etherShield to work on Arduino 0017

Create a folder for the etherShield source code.
Code: [Select]
mkdir etherShield
cd etherShield

Get the source code from the git repository:
Code: [Select]
git clone http://github.com/jonoxer/etherShield.git

Then I created a script that will download updates if there are any available and then it copies the code to where arduino is installed.

Code: [Select]
cd etherShield
git pull
cp -r -u -remove-destination . /usr/share/arduino-ide/hardware/libraries/etherShield/


Anybody have a wiring schematic for this chip/layout?  I'm using a interface board from Futurlec which isn't set up for Arduino pins.  I'm guessing we're using the SPI interface and hooking up power, but I'm pretty sure there are interrupt pins/etc as well.

I've also seen a single board layout where the ENC28J60 clock is used to run the Arduino, that's not what I'm trying to do but it certainly adds to the wiring confusion.

I've seen the sites linked in this thread and others but nobody has the wiring laid out that I've seen, can anybody point me in the right direction or help me out?


To find the answer on "wiring schematic", just Google on "Arduino ENC28J60" will get you to: http://tuxgraphics.org/electronics/200606/article06061.shtml



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just Google on "Arduino ENC28J60" will get you to: http://tuxgraphics.org/electronics/200606/article06061.shtml

seen a single board layout where the ENC28J60 clock is used to run the Arduino, that's not what I'm trying to do...

There should be a way of running the ENC28J60 without interfering with the Atmel clock, which is how all these shields are doing it.  The link at tuxgraphics replaces the clock with the clock out from the ENC28J60, which shouldn't be necessary.

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