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My partner and I have this idea of smart devices that are really expressive, have a lot of personality, and are a little weird but cute. We've spent the last 4 months in the electronics candy land of Shenzhen learning how to build and manufacture products. We came up with our first device, an Arduino-compatible lamp. We called him Clyde.

Some photos: http://imgur.com/a/O5V8j

A bit of shameless Kickstarter promo: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/metamanda/clyde-an-expressive-lamp-for-creative-homes

I hope you like him.


Very nice design, and good promo!

I can imagine my daughter using one or two of the legs to hang some (ear) rings/bracelets .
I see add-on possibilities
Rob Tillaart

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Very impressive work. "baked" immediately  $)
I like creatinve things with light and LEDs and this lamp is really amazing. Giving the owner the chance to extend this thing by own ideas is brilliant.


Thanks for the kind words.

Rob: I like that idea of hanging stuff from the legs. I didn't think of that before.

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