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hi, I'm having some difficulties using arduino and maxmsp. I've successfully managed to receive data in maxmsp from the board using the serial command but when I tried the examples using a pot and a joystick I get very unstable and jumpy data. Is this supposed to be so? using the serial monitor in arduino003 I seem to get a constant stream of characters...  

And what should the resistance of the potentiometers be ? Some examples say 10K, others dont even mention, does it not matter?

Thanks for your help : )
- Pedro


hi Pedro,

I've been using a 10k potentiometer and received a steady stream of serial input in a flash application, and a also couple of terminal type apps; Serial Port Tool and zTerm (I'm using Mac OS X). This is also in arduino 03.

Try recieving serial in another appication as a way of debugging your problem. If things goes smoothly there, it is not your code or the serial device, it is likely a MAX thing...

As for your other point, about the resistance of the pot, this illustrates something else. There seems to be a need for schematic illustrations, and parts lists, to support the code discussed here.

What do other people think?


I second that.  I'm new to electronics and I am experiencing this void in practical knowledge.  I am familiar with design and programming but electronics is totally new to me and I would find it very useful to see example projects and setups for all the basic sensor types such as push buttons, pots..etc aswell as actuators such as LED's, stepper motors etc...


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I uploaded the following unfinished document by some of my students on how to connect some sensors and use them inside processing. I was waiting until they were done with it, but since you insist so much ;-)


Enjoy the sensors,


PS. please note that some of the schematics are not accurate, yet

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