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Just trying to attach a single page PDF to a post and got this...
413 Request Entity Too Largenginx/1.2.8

Is this because the file is 1.28Mb in size (seems big for a single page PDF)
Don't PM me for help as I will ignore it.

Coding Badly

...passed on to the administrator.  Thank you for reporting the problem.


This still hasn't been fixed.  I tried to attach a single image that's 1,149KB and got the same error.  The max attachment size is 4,096KB per post.

Coding Badly

Actually, it was fixed but has returned.  I'll put a word in the administrator's ear.  Thank you for the heads-up.


Coding Badly

I have same problem
You may have a similar problem.  You do not have the same problem.  If you want help provide details.

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