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Hi all,

When using the Motor Shield I am unable to use the 'Use_Half_Step' boolean because Motor Shield pins (A+, A-, B+, B-) are controlled by PWM and Direction signals (pwmA, pwmB, dirA, dirB).

I want to control (A+, A-, B+, B-) on 4 input pins so I can use the function in Stepper library; (see below)

int number_of_steps,
int motor_pin_1,
int motor_pin_2,
int motor_pin_3,
int motor_pin_4,
int use_half_step

Ciao for Niao


What is the motor shield you're using?

It looks like this shield input only has direction and step input, you don't need to use the stepper library. You only need to set the direction and send pulses on the pwm input to make your motor move.

But maybe you can set the stepping mode with jumpers on your shield, some allow setting to full, half or even microstepping.

The arduino stepper library is only needed if you directly drive an H bridge for a bipolar motor or transistors for an unipolar motor.

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