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My new Due came with a short across two leads on the CPU. Is it supposed to be there?


Is it supposed to be there?

Well I have two and it is not on either so I would say no.


Thanks. I put an X-acto knife to it and it came right off. Hopefully there aren't any other stray bits of solder on the board.


I put an X-acto knife to it and it came right off

Yes they often do when they are like this, I have seen a few of that sort of things from factories. It tends to be stray contamination that occurs after the main oven, so they are not attached very firmley.

By rights they ( the Aduino team ) want to know this as it is a manufacturing fault and they will be tracking these. So I would send them a PM pointing to this thread and the photo.


Those are Pins 23 and 24 (PA14 and PA15).
If you didn't configure them as Output, and changed them as oposite, your port will be just fine =]
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