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Hey this is my first real solo project I worked on.  I might still work on improving it if anyone has experience using the UNO to control keyboard keys. I know I could hack a usb keyboard and set up a ton of relays to trigger buttons but I was hoping there was a work around in the code since "Keyboard.write()" isnt an option i have.



you can mess with vusb and there is a simple example out on the webbernet


or you can get a teensy, which is a USB arduino complete with a Keyboard.print() function



You actually could have used Morse Code @5 bit maximum... See the Magic Morse algorithm.

There are a few implementations of Magic Morse on this forum.  It is very lightweight... For a handicap person, you would likely want to make the character-break and word-space "times" long and configurable OR use a 6-puff element to drive that functionality.  The nice part about Morse Code is that commonly used characters are the shortest sequence, thereby increasing the overall bandwidth of the communication without additional human effort.

Good save, however.

- Ray


or you can get a teensy, which is a USB arduino complete with a Keyboard.print() function

You can also get an Arduino Leonardo or Arduino Micro which also has these functions.



"Keyboard.write()" isnt an option i have.

It is on an Arduino Leonardo...

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