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Hello,  I am a french student who has for project to create his own board "Freeduino" but i have a little problem the Eagle file of the original Freeduino isn't uptdate on the official website the last version is the 1.16,  but on internet i have found kit like this http://www.evola.fr/product_info.php/kit-dassemblage-freeduino-mini-usb-p-62 and the version indicated is "1.22" or "1.19"?

Please someon can  send me the Eagle (shcematics) file of the 1.22 or 1.19.x version ?

Thank's in advance !

Gromak !


Nothing at the Freetronics site, eh?


Is there some feature in the freeduino that you are after that one of the Arduino variations does not offer?
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