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Dear Arduino Community,

I have been thinking about making an arduino based interface for use with music applications (ie max/msp,  and programs that allow midi based control)  I have seen that the arduino analog inputs may be extended by using a multiplexer, but is there a limit to how many inputs the microcontroller can handle? (the forum suggests 96 as the physical limit, but is this actually possible from a processing power point of view?

Also, what bit rate and sample frequency can be achieved when using arduino as an analog sensor interface?




dear james

well there is no "hard" limit... the limits are imposed by the responsiveness your application needs

for example... even if you can collect 1000 sensor reading at once, you still have to send them to the computer.

so the speed of the serial connection and the protocol you use  becomes very important...

consider also that max sometimes doesn't like to receive a lot of data from the serial port.

Briefly the answer is depending on the way you design your circuit and your patch the sky is the limit :)


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