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Topic: Due appears as COM6 port but gives error "No device found on COM6" on upload (Read 9 times) previous topic - next topic


Federico asked "can you please measure the values of these resistors: R3,R14,R15,R21,R23? "

Here are the resistances from my Due board :
R14 1003 ohms
R15 998
R21 1000
R23 995
R3 985 Ohms
I am going to get going.

Federico Vanzati

is your board affected by the uploading problem?
Because I see that the R23 is 1Kohm that is correct.



"is your board affected by the uploading problem?"

Yes. Sometimes the upload serial upload fails and usually it works correctly.

My Due works correctly in many sessions. I bought it at Newark in USA. When I start working on a Sketch the Due works perfectly. I edit then Sketch, plug in the serial cable, upload the instructions to Due, and it is good. I use the Due to test performance. I disconnect the serial cable. I run the Due successfully. I power down the Due. I plug in the serial cable and use the Serial Monitor to receive messages from Due. The messages are shown on my PC video screen as good text messages from Due. I power down. I need to disconnect my custom electronics from the Due using a DB25 connector to enable any uploads. If I keep the DB25 connected to Due from my experimental board, it never uploads, so I disconnect the DB25. I write a new sketch, I plug in the USB cable for upload. Failure ! "No device found on COM7"

I exit the IDE 1.52. I start IDE again. Failure. I disconnect the USB cable and start over to try to upload again. Failure. I power down my PC and boot up everything. It works now. Upload successful.

Sometimes Serial Monitor fails also. Then it works after re-booting computer. It seems intermittent. Re-booting is not alays needed, sometimes, just closing IDE and starting IDE makes serial monitor work.
I am going to get going.



I had been running my programs fine all day until I finally encountered this problem. This thread seemed to be the most helpful, but it seems like this has been going on for a while.
Since I'm relatively new to arduino, would it be better/easier if I seek a refund on my board?

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